For the first time in 5+ yrs i’ve completely redone the site, the site remodel was completely self-serving. its much easier to manage and maintain. All the outlines are still here, although i wasn’t able to transfer the download counters to the new system, sorry about that. I think in a semester or two the “good” outlines will become apparent by the download counts again.

There is also a new document preview with each document, so you can look at the document before you download it to see if its what you are really looking for. This is accomplished through google documents. Please let me know if it works.. this is all new to me.. and without feedback and suggestions i really cant help make this site more usable.

A few notes:

A) There is a much better search within this system, it should search within the documents for the search terms you enter. I hope that helps
B) Document Previews for each document
C) Virus Scanning of documents to prevent virus’s and malware
D) better uploading system

i’ve received a few requests:

1) “Great site but needs more/newer outlines” (by far the most requested comment): i totally agree most of the outlines on this site are 4 or 5 yrs old.. i am not in the lsu law community any more, so i cant harass people to upload good outlines any more. thats your job.. i created the framework and vehicle for you all to share, collaborate and help one another. The rest is up to you all.

2) organize the documents by subject, then by professor: this honestly would be too much work on my end..

Please keep the suggestions coming, i will incorporate as many of the suggestions as i can. I am committed to helping all of you get through law school, and make it as smoother experience. I need your help to do that.

Darrell Miller
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